Thomas Blackshear Neqwa_Cherub

Ebony Visions Cherub

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:Open Edition | Dim:4.5 Jewel | Ebony Visions | 532-LE-TB


Availability: Yes as of Date: October  17, 2019

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Product Details


Hand-Painted Original Art.
We are proud to present this beautiful and unique line of home decor art. NeQwa artists create every design by using the centuries-old tradition of painting on the inside of mouth-blown glass. An artist signature and the NeQwa logo, etched into the glass, authenticates every piece.

Artist Bio

A world class illustrator, Thomas Blackshear is best known for his limited edition prints and collectors plates. Now, his extraordinary versatility as a fine artist is exhibited in a third dimension: limited edition sculpture. Thomas Blackshears sculptures demonstrate incredible sense of design, unique eclectic style and extraordinary sense of color. Elegant drapery and delicate detail tantalize the eye while revealing each sculpted form. For centuries classical beauty has been portrayed predominantly by white artisans who represent white subjects in their art. Thomas has created a new vision of beauty and human emotion through his work.